Projection mapping in giant dome!

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Semi-Permanent Sydney 2014 Titles – MK12

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Beautiful film like quality to these festival titles. Great to see that the letter forms and particle effect is real life chalk filled moulds of wooden letters. Making of/interview article here.   What are some of your personal favorite title sequences, either classic or contemporary? Carnival of Souls will probably always be my hands-down personal […]

Awards graphics by First Image

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  Events graphics and animation from First Image                

Design stuff to look at

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London Olympics

City of Melbourne Redesign

Thoughts So far

From my initial research into event graphics I am beginning to see certain similarities, and also a list of questions and problems, which will need to be assessed. ‘Event openers’ can be likened to title sequences. To introduce and prime the audience, can motion graphics be used before the event itself to create awareness and prime […]

What is Motion Graphics?

I have a feeling my answer will change over time but for now…   Motion graphics the result of motion design. Motion graphics are the end product, they are what you see, hear and experience. Defining Motion graphic design is more complex than purely calling it graphic design in motion. It may well be constantly […]

Leviathan – process for FITC event

Inspiring look at how the title sequence was created.

Event openers – Are they title sequences?

As part of my project I will be creating an event opener, or is it a title sequence? What’s the purpose of the film that is played at the beginning of a conference, event or show. Some of these videos I have found are referred to ‘openers’ but more and more now seem to be ‘titles’ […]