Future uses of motion graphics

Interesting project by Leviathan. Incorporating 3d printed buildings, machine milled topography and projected content to increase brand awareness of a mostly unknown tech giant Jabil. I assume this is using projection mapping techniques, thus creating endless opportunities for projected content in a variety of applications in events, brand experiences and more.


Amazing technology for creating a more immersive experience.

Understanding Perception

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For a quick look later……

Beeples ‘Zero-Day’ project breakdown

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I’m a big fan of Beeples work.¬†From his VJ clips to the ‘everyday’ stills created in C4D. He is also kind enough to offer his project file for free for anyone to use.   Here a link to motionographer with a Q&A with Beeple, discussing the Zero Day short film.

Lincoln Continental Concept – process and interview

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Interesting interview with Block and Tackle found on motionographer.


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Patrick Clair – MTV awards graphics. Stunning use of motion graphics for Tom Clancys Divsion.  

Guy Debord – link

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Research “The society of the spectacle” link to pdf HTML version    

87th Annual Academy Awards – by Elastic.tv

Beautifully designed awards graphics by Elastic. The titles and award graphics have been discussed widely. They have been highly praised for the design and impact created. It is even suggested that it is the graphics that will remain in peoples memories after the event. Apart from those who have a vested interest in the event; […]

Interactive Content Marketing

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Really interesting article on interactive content marketing.   In order to engage viewers even more in a saturated content marketing age, is interaction the next big thing? Is it really something new though? I’m reminded of old online flash driven interactive experiences, giving rich content to viewers, who might be able to play games or […]

Twinnings Ad

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WOW this looks fantastic, so well made and great to see behind the scenes!