87th Annual Academy Awards – by Elastic.tv

Beautifully designed awards graphics by Elastic.

The titles and award graphics have been discussed widely. They have been highly praised for the design and impact created. It is even suggested that it is the graphics that will remain in peoples memories after the event.

Apart from those who have a vested interest in the event; those who have been nominated, there may be less of an incentive for the rest of the viewers to really pay much attention. Perhaps this is where the graphics can play more of a role, more so than to simply inform the audience, but to enhance attention, entertain and amaze, to create a show.

What is interesting, is the use of interactivity in the opening sequence. This would require a level of choreography and testing, but could be an interesting way to involve an audience.

Interview with Henry Hobson, director from motionographer.

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Mention on fastcodesign.com.

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