Event openers – Are they title sequences?

As part of my project I will be creating an event opener, or is it a title sequence? What’s the purpose of the film that is played at the beginning of a conference, event or show.

Some¬†of these videos I have found are referred to ‘openers’ but more and more now seem to be ‘titles’ or ‘opening credits’. Does this mean these are being created with more purpose and thought? If we are to take the direction of a title sequence, then this makes a lot more sense. To introduce, set the tone and scene, create a sense of what is to come, and perhaps where is a¬†difference to movie titles, we can use it as an opportunity to reinforce a brand.

This ‘title’ from Leviathan creates a film like title sequence for a conference…you might think a conference sounds dull, but a well crafted title sequence, or promo might make you think again.


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