Thoughts So far

From my initial research into event graphics I am beginning to see certain similarities, and also a list of questions and problems, which will need to be assessed.

‘Event openers’ can be likened to title sequences. To introduce and prime the audience, can motion graphics be used before the event itself to create awareness and prime and inspire a prospective audience, helping to sell tickets and promote the event. Perhaps one there are considerations that need to be thought through that differentiate between titles for films and events, is that the target audience may be much more specific. In the case of OMiG, they are targeting professionals and the general public who are interested in, or who practice digital marketing. The awards are an opportunity to promote the OMiG brand, create awareness of the group, but also to promote businesses who are experimenting with, and finding success through digital marketing. The client – OMiG, and their target audience will need to be researched.

The event graphics (in my case an awards ceremony) can do more than inform. These events can incorporate elements of set design, sets that can be projected onto incorporating motion graphics. In this case the venue would need to be considered – what size will the screen be if used, how much access would I have before the event to plan and test. An experience can be created, one that is memorable and shareable.

Studios like Drive Production use elements of showmanship, illusion and technology to create mesmerizing projection mapping experiences to promote brands. Can these elements be incorporated into my project? The sheer scale of their projections is impressive – what I have noticed with projection mapping is the use of depth. Strong design elements like geometric shapes, high contrast and careful colour selection seem to work well. Too much detail could get lost onto whatever they are projecting onto.

Elastic, who created graphics for the MTV awards considered the target audience and industry. I would consider it to be on brand and suited to the young, fashionable MTV audience. Considering the brand and audience would therefore be important. Their work on the Oscars used elements of interaction with the MC. This could be quite achievable for my project. Choreographed interaction like this could be used to create illusion, something that appears unreal. The opening sequence incorporated the MC into the projection, it fitted him into the scenes displayed.

Leviathan again, have created incredible projection mapped experiences for the Amon Tobin Isam tour. They created event opening titles that could be likened to movie titles.

I would like to incorporate some of the elements from my initial research, but will need to assess what is possible given the current restrictions.

The restrictions so far that I see are; sheer volume of work, only 1 person doing this!, technical ability, the client may have a particular direction that differs to mine, access to the venue, equipment, rehersal time.

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